What Are Your Options When Your Marriage Fails?

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  • March 2, 2015
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Divorce is never an easy decision to make. Yet it is difficult at times to remain in a marriage when a resolution is not probable. When you reach the point where you feel helpless to save the relationship you once had, it is time for you to discuss your case with an attorney who practices Divorce law locally.

What are Your Options?

divorce lawyerThe length of time in which you have been married dictates your options in terms of ending your marriage. For instance, if your reason for seeking a divorce is fraudulent information or misrepresentation by your spouse, it is still possible for you to acquire an annulment. In most states, an annulment is possible if you have been married less than one year. Common grounds for this action are impotence, a spouse who lied about their age, hidden drug or alcohol problems, and possible polygamy.

If your marriage is at a standstill, and you are not ready to file for a divorce, but are unable to live with your spouse, legal separation is a possibility. This process requires you and your spouse to complete the same steps as you would with a divorce; however, your marriage remains valid. It allows you both to live separately and make decisions in the way you would if you were divorced while retaining the benefits of marriage. For instance, you could continue to receive family health coverage and use marital property that you both own.

When divorce is the only answer, you will file a petition with the court. Your spouse is served with the divorce petition and agreement. Your waiting period begins when he or she receives the papers. If your spouse chooses to sign the papers in agreement with the terms of the divorce, your divorce is final thirty days after the date, they return the signed documents. If he or she fails to respond before thirty days after he or she received the papers, your attorney files a default judgment, and a hearing is scheduled. Your divorce is final on the day of your hearing.

If you discuss your case with a Family lawyer who practices Divorce law you discover which route is most beneficial to you. An attorney presents you with the repercussions of each probability. To discover more contact your preferred divorce lawyer today.

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